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Shoreline Golf Club

The Shoreline Golf Club is an NCGA sanctioned “Regular” club that plays all of its events on weekends (tee times starting at 7:30 AM) at Shoreline Golf Links. Tournaments are scheduled with a minimum of 2 tournaments each month, all of them flighted. The club provides opportunities to represent Shoreline in NCGA events, including Team Match Play, 4-Ball, Net Amateur and other competitions. Annual events include Player of the Year competition, Shoreline Tour Championship, and both Match and Stroke Play Club Championships. Member benefits include NCGA membership/ handicap maintenance and away tournaments at premium courses in the Bay Area.

Visit the Shoreline Golf Club website for more information.

Join for Only 0!

  • Club Membership through December 31, 2023
  • NCGA Membership through December 31, 2023
  • Reduced Green Fees on tournament days
  • Access to all Shoreline Golf Club tournaments, including NCGA Qualifier Events and Shoreline Tournament Championship
  • Member-Member Shotgun
  • 20% Discount on purchases in Golf Shop on non-sale items